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High Voltage Inverter

AS800 high voltage inverter is an energy saving and environmental friendly IGBT variable frequency inverter designed based on international advanced electrical, electronic and vector control technologies. It offers superior motor control performance and great environmental adaptability, due to our efforts to make improvement on the high voltage inverter according to market demand. It is extensively used to control the speed of high voltage motors so as to achieve reduced energy consumption. The high voltage inverter has few requirements on electric motors and connection cables. So, an old machine can be controlled by the high voltage inverter without changing its electric motor.

Applications of the High Voltage Inverter

The high voltage inverter is applicable for not only common loads like fans, pumps and conveyors, etc., but also equipment requiring high precision speed control and large starting torque, such as plastic and rubber processing equipment, food equipment, and more. To illustrate, our high voltage inverters have been widely used to drive different types of water pumps, fans, air compressors, and belt conveyors, etc. in industries and fields such as thermal power generation, water supply and water treatment, metallurgy, cement and porcelain, air conditioning, offshore drilling platform, and more. They are also widely used in plastic and rubber processing and food making industries to drive extruding machine, mixing equipment, grinding machine, and filtering equipment, etc. The high voltage inverter is also ideal for use in pharmaceutical industry, papermaking industry and testing labs to drive related equipment.

Technical Specifications of the High Voltage Inverter

Input Capacity of the high voltage inverter 250-4000kw/315-5000KVA
Input voltage 3.0/6.0/10.0kv
Permissible error of input voltage At rated output, +/-15% of nominal value
Input power factor 0.95, if exceeding 20% of load
Output Output voltage 3.0/6.0/10.0KV
Output frequency drift +/-0.5%
Output frequency resolution 0.01HZ
Control parameters Range of speed 0.5-120HZ (related to motor), 0~200HZ under vector control
Overload capacity VF control:120%: 60s; 150%: 5s; 200%: protected immediately Vector control:150%: 60s; 180%: 10s; 200%: 3s; Special motor: 200%: 60s; 300%: 3s (according to customer's design requirements)
Control mode VF control, vector control
Control accuracy +/-0.5% of maximum frequency
Control parameters Acceleration/deceleration time VF control:1~3200s; Vector control:0.5~3200s (related to load inertia characteristic)
Signal input/output 2 analog input channels, 2 analog output channels, 16 digital input channels, 8 digital output channels (may be expanded according to user's demand)
Major control functions Soft startup, instantaneous power down control without stopping, curve acceleration control, power frequency synchronous switching(optional), jumping frequency, rotating speed monitoring, accumulated operating time display, automatic voltage regulation
Major protection functions Overcurrent limit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, power failure, cooling fan abnormality, grounding fault, etc.
Communication(optional) Optical fiber, devicenet, profibus-dp, modbus, Ethernet, etc
Display OLED manipulator, LCD touch screen (optional)
Input transformer H-grade insulation
Structure Cabinet IP20, IP31
Cooling method Top fan forced air cooling
Structure of cabinet Semi-closed independent steel structure, front maintenance
Environmental conditions Operating temperature 0~40 ℃
Storage and transportation temperature -20 ℃ -+70 ℃
Humidity <95%, no condensation
Vibration degree 0.5g
Application places Indoor
Altitude Derating required if exceeding 1000m
Applicable load Fan, pump, compressor, forming machine, internal mixer, stirrer, etc

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