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Safety tips for Elevator Riders

Introduction :-

As the world's most widely used and safest form of public transportation, elevators provide passengers with incomparable convenience, dependability and efficiency. The United Sates alone has about 425,000 elevators that annually carry more
than 68 billion passengers (12 times the population of the world) about 927 million passenger miles. Although elevator trips outnumber those taken on air, bus or rail systems by several times, elevators are amazingly safe. Even though elevators have many built-in, dependable safety features, you can help to promote a safe and efficient ride by elevating your safety awareness at each stage of your journey.

Calling the Car:-

Only press the "Up" or "Down" button once; repeated button pushing won't bring an elevator faster. And never press both buttons - you'll just slow down service for yourself and others. Look or listen for the signal announcing your car's arrival.

Registering your Floor:-

Once you're on board, press the button for your floor. Move to the back of the car to make room for other passengers. If you need to keep the doors open longer than the programmed time, press and hold the "Door Open" button. 

Don't Touch the Doors:-

If the doors begin to close as you are about to enter, promptly step back and wait for the next car. Using your hand, foot or objects like umbrellas or briefcases to stop the doors may cause injury to you and damage to the equipment. Remember, some older elevators may not have doors which retract automatically. 

Door Safety:-

Don't hold the doors open by activating the door-edge safety device. If you hear a buzzing sound while you're holding the doors open, it means the system needs to get the car moving immediately. Release the door so the elevator can begin its trip.

Watch for Leveling:-

Today's elevators are designed to stop nearly even with the building floor. However, a misoperation could cause any elevator to mislevel. Don't just walk in or out of an elevator without looking. Check to be sure the floor surfaces are even before crossing the doorway. And, if you spot a severe misleveling situation, be sure to bring it to the attention of building management so the car can be removed from service.

Efficiency and Courtesy:-

Step carefully. When an elevator arrives, stand aside and let passengers exit. Passengers nearest the door should move first. 

Don't Discriminate:-

Gender or age has nothing to do with who should enter or exit first. It's just common sense. The people closest to the door should move first.

Courtesy Comes First :-

•  Displaying a few simple courtesies helps make the ride quick and enjoyable for all. Remember

•  Don't allow children to push buttons for the fun of it. It slows service for everyone.

•  Smoking in elevators annoys other passengers and is usually illegal. Extinguish smoking materials before entering the     elevator.

•  Don't delay other passengers by holding the door open to talk with a departing passenger.

•  If the elevator makes a stop before your floor, step aside so other passengers may enter and exit quickly, easily and     safely.


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