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Elevator Integrated Drive and Controller

While designing the AS380 elevator integrated drive and controller, a variety of factors, including elevators' safety and reliability, inherent characteristics of elevator operation, and potential energy load characteristic of elevators, are taken into consideration. Designed based on variable frequency speed regulation technology and elevator control technology, the elevator integrated drive and controller is an ideal combination of an elevator drive and an elevator controller. Its dual 32-bit embedded microprocessor unit allows it to complete both elevator operation and motor drive functions. The multiple elevator operation functions can satisfy customers' different application requirements. In addition, the elevator integrated drive and controller offers improved performance, usage convenience, and economical efficiency, and it also features compact structure, small size, few wire connection and high reliability.

Why Choose the Elevator Integrated Drive and Controller?

  1. 1. Elevators with the integrated drive and controller offer higher safety standard, because the control system and drive system both offer safety protection functions. Meanwhile, the anti-interference capability of the integrated system is exceeding the highest level of related industrial standard.
  2. 2. Due to CAN bus serial communication, the elevator integrated drive and controller is provided with simple wire connection, strong data transmission capability and high reliability. It also offers high compatibility, as it is applicable for both synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. Incremental ABZ encoders can be utilized to achieve synchronous motor control.
  3. 3. The adoption of advanced vector control technology allows the elevator integrated drive and controller to offer superior motor speed regulation performance, thus enabling the elevator to offer passengers comfortable feeling. Our newly developed load sensor free start compensation technology also allows the elevator to provide comfortable feeling while starting without installation of a weighting device.
  4. 4. The elevator integrated drive and controller offers elevators higher operation efficiency, and it also offers group control function. It is able to control maximally eight elevators synchronously, and also supports group control of elevators aiming to the same floors.
  5. 5. Designed based on new PWM dead time compensation technology and dynamic PWM carrier modulation technology, the elevator integrated drive and controller is able to reduce motor noise and motor loss effectively.
  6. 6. Due to improved hardware design, the elevator integrated drive and controller offers a maximum junction temperature of 175℃, low switch loss. This ensures the long service life of the equipment.

Elevator Integrated Drive and Controller Model List

Model AS380- Rated capacity(kVA) Rated output current(kA) Applicable motor(kW)
2S01P1 2.3 6.0 1.1
2S02P2 4.6 12 2.2
2S03P7 6.9 18 3.7
4T02P2 4.7 6.2 2.2
4T03P7 6.9 9 3.7
4T05P5 8.5 13 5.5
4T07P5 14 18 7.5
4T0011 18 27 11
4T0015 24 34 15
4T18P5 29 41 18.5
4T0022 34 48 22
4T0030 50 65 30
4T0037 61 80 37
4T0045 74 97 45
4T0055 98 128 55
4T0075 130 165 75

Technical Specification of Elevator Integrated Drive and Controller

Maximum voltage output (v) 200V-class: 1-Phase, 220~240 (matching with voltage input) 400V-class; 3-Phase, 380/400/415/440/460V (matching with voltage input)
Input power Phase, voltage, frequency 200V-class,1-Phase220~240V, 50~60Hz
Allowed fluctuation in voltage -15%~+10%
Allowed fluctuation in frequency -5%~+5%
Instantaneous voltage drop 200V-class: Keep running when the voltage is above AC150V; Under-voltage protection is available in 15ms when the voltage is below AC 150V. 400V-class: Keep running when the voltage is above AC300V; Under-voltage protection is available in 15ms when the voltage is below AC 300V
Basic Characteristics Max. floors 2 to 64 floors for single elevator
Speed limitation ≤ 4.00m /s
Number of Elevators in group control ≤8
Communication type CAN-BUS Serial Communication
Drive Characteristics Control type Vector control with PG-card
Startup Torque 150% 0Hz (Vector control with PG-card )
Speed control range 1:1000 (Vector control with PG-card )
Speed Control Precision ±0.02% (Vector control with PG card 25 ±10 ℃)
Torque Limitation Exists (adjustable by parameter)
Torque Precision ±5%
Frequency Control Range 0 ~ 120Hz
Frequency Precision (Temp. fluctuation) ± 0.1%
Preset frequency resolution ±0.06Hz /120Hz
Frequency Output Resolution (Calculated Resolution) 0.01Hz
Startup compensation without load Under circumstances of unknown elevator load, suitable torque will be given to the motor according to the movement direction of the elevator, allowing the elevator to start smoothly and instantaneous. Rope slipping possibility can be reduced to minimum for more comfort at the start.
Overload Capacity Zero Speed(150% overload) , < 3Hz(160% overload), > 3Hz (200% overload)
Braking Torque 150% (connecting external braking resistor), built-in braking unit
Accelerating/Decelerating time 0.01 ~ 600s
Carrier Frequency 2 ~ 11kHz
Storage Battery Operation If power failure occurs, storage batteries are used to bring the elevator slowly to the nearest landing
PG Card Connection PG Card Power Supply 5V, 12V, 300mA
PG Card type Open collector, Push-Pull, Differential, SIN/COS, Endat Absolute types
PG-Card Frequency Divided Output OA and OB orthogonal, dividing frequency coefficient 1 ~ 128
Control Input /Output Signal Power supply for opto-isolated input control Isolated 24V DC
Power supply control for Relay-output Isolated 24V DC
Opto-isolated low-voltage input 20-channel, switching value input, OPTO-isolated control signal is isolated 24V DC power supply input signal
Opto-isolated high-voltage input 4-channel, switching value input, OPTO-isolated control signal is isolated 24VDC power supply input signal
Programmable Relay Output 1 4-channel, normal open contact, SPST Contact resistance: 3A 250VAC or 3A 30VDC;
Programmable Relay Output2 3-channel, normal open contact, SPST Contact resistance: 6A 250VAC
CAN communication signal 3- channel
Analog input 1- channel, single-ended or differential; input voltage range: -10v~+10v, precision: 0.1%
Protection Functions Motor Overload Protection Available through parameter setting
Inverter Overload < 3Hz (160% overload): 5seconds, > 3Hz(185% overload): 10seconds
Short-circuit Protection Protection for drive, activated when there is overcurrent caused by short circuit of any two phases at the output side
Input Phase-loss Protection During Running When there is input phase loss during running, the circuit will be switched off to protect the drive
Output Phase-loss Protection During Running When there is output phase loss during running, the circuit will be switched off to protect the drive
Over-Voltage Threshold 410V on bus (200V series), 810V(400V series)
Under-Voltage Threshold 180V on bus (200V series), 380V(400V series)
Instantaneous Power-off Compensation Protection over 15ms
Over-heating of Radiation Fins Protection through thermistor
Speed Loss Protection Protection is available when the speed is over 30% of the rated speed
Impulse Encoder Fault Disconnection for PG
Braking Unit Protection Automatic diagnosis of braking unit failure, and then give protection
Module Protection Include Over-current, Short-circuit and Over-heat protection
Current Sensor Protection Automatic detection when powered on
Speed Reverse Protection Detection through Encoder
I ²t Protection Detection through 3-phase current
Input Over-Voltage Protection 400V-class>725V, 200V-class>360V, Detect when stopped
Output Ground Fault Protection If there is any short circuit to ground during operation, the circuit will be switched off to protect the Drive
Output Unbalanced Protection If there is unbalanced output current, the circuit will be switched off to protect the Drive
Short-Circuit of Brake Resistor Protection Detect while braking
Encoder Interference Evaluate the encoder interface degree and alarm
EEPROM Faults Self-test when powered on
Display Chinese and English LCD display All sub-menus
Environment Ambient temp. -10 ~ +45℃
Humidity Below 95%RH (no condensation)
Storage temp. -20 ~ +60℃ (for short-term transport)
Application Places Indoor (without corrosive gas and dust)
Altitude Below 1000m
Structure Protection Class IP20
Cooling Method Air-blast cooling
Installation Type In cabinet

As a China-based elevator integrated drive and controller manufacturer, we also offer harbor crane 4-quadrant inverter, servo drive, parallel VVVF control cabinet, elevator group control system, and much more.


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